Phil Ivey vs. Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Comparison & Review

Phil Ivey vs Daniel Negreanu Masterclass ComparisonTwo of the most well-known (and highest earning) poker players in the world have teamed up with MasterClass to provide an exclusive look into their personal poker strategy.

Read below to see a comparison of the two courses and instructors as well as my detailed reviews.

But first…

What is Masterclass?

For those who aren’t familiar, MasterClass is a set of exclusive courses from celebrity experts in the very top of their field.  Featured instructors include influencers such as

  • Martin Scorsese (filmmaking)
  • Penn & Teller (magic)
  • Christina Aguilera (singing)
  • Steve Martin (comedy)
  • Serena Williams (tennis)
  • Ron Howard (directing)
  • Steph Curry (basketball)
  • Gordon Ramsey (cooking)
  • Spike Lee (filmmaking)

…and many others names you would recognize.

Ivey and Negreanu Course Previews 

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Phil Ivey vs. Daniel Negreanu MasterClass Comparison

Phil Ivey's Poker MasterClassDaniel Negreanu's MasterClass
Ivey poker masterclass review
Negreanu poker masterclass review
Editor's Overall Rating3 star review4 star review
Production Quality5 star review5 star review
Entertainment Rating4 star review4 star review
Poker Content Quality & Depth3 star review4 star review
  • 10 World Series of Poker bracelets

  • One World Poker Tour title
  • 6 World Series of Poker bracelets

  • Two World Poker Tour titles
Tournament cashes$26 million in live tournament earnings$40 million in live tournament earnings and is the second biggets poker winner of all time
Target Audience
  • Beginner and amatuer poker players

  • Phil Ivey fans looking for a rare glimpse into his poker thought process and how he's won millions
  • Beginner, amatuer, and even advanced players looking for some good nuggets of wisdom

  • Daniel Negreanu fans looking to see how one of the greatest poker players on earth approaches the game
Course Pros
  • This is the first time Phil has shared his poker thought process and strategies publicly (that alone makes the course worth watching).

  • It's fascinating to learn about Phil's background and bio.

  • Phil is a world-class, next-level player and it's pure entertainment to watch him make insane reads and hear what he was thinking.

  • I appreciated his humility and he showed several hands that highlighted big mistakes that he regrets.

  • Phil has some practical advice for players of all levels like to continually think ahead to future streets and how to keep your mental game on track.
  • Daniel thoroughly covers the fundamentals of poker through a logical and easy to understand approach.

  • While all the basics are covered, there are plenty of advanced poker theories mixed in and nuggets of wisdom for players of all levels.

  • Thorough hand reviews and range analysis.

  • There is a good section on common mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • There is a good section on tells.

  • Includes strategy on different stages of tournaments as well as cash games.
Course Cons
  • Phil occassionally talks about some topics that aren't explained as well as they could be for beginners like a player's "range" and "implied odds" but these are explained in the supporting workbook.

  • Phill talks a lot about instinct and his gut feelings which are concepts that are not actionable.

  • Not much in the way of details on specific tells.

  • Seems geared towards live poker and not online as much.

  • No office hours or Q&A section.

  • Seems geared towards live poker and not online as much.

  • Office hours and Q&A section is sparse.
Chapters / Lessons11 lessons38 lessons
DownloadsA summary workbook supporting each of the lessons plus an intro guide to the basics of pokerA summary workbook supporting each of the lessons plus an intro guide to the basics of poker
Price$90 for a single course, $180 for unlimited access to all MasterClass courses (and both Ivey and Negreanu)same

Which Poker Strategy Masterclass Should You Choose?

While both courses provide a good poker foundation, the winner is Daniel Negreanu’s MasterClass because it has more depth and actionable tactics.

But, you really don’t need to choose.  For the price of two classes, you can just sign-up for the All-Access pass like I did.

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The All-Access pass will also get you full access to all other expert courses where you can learn about magic, photography, fashion, film-making and much, much more.

Alternatives to Masterclass Poker Strategy

Phil and Daniel’s Masterclass courses are great introductions to the game.  And if you are like me, you’ll want to consume courses from every top pro to understand different ways to look at the game.

However, if you are a more advanced player that has already mastered the low and mid-stakes, then Run It Once might be another option.  Run It Once courses are geared toward players looking for more advanced strategies to improve their win rate.