Courchevel Rules and Basic Strategy

Rules of the Game

Courchevel is five card PLO with a unique twist.  Prior to the first round of betting one of the flop community cards is exposed and is referred to as the “spit” card.  Courchevel is played for both high only or as a split pot game.  It is somewhat of a fringe game; however, you can occasionally find some good action online.

Basic Strategy

The “spit” card obviously plays a large role in your strategy.  Mathematically every player dealt into the hand has a 2.3% probability of making a set with the “spit”.  Thus if you are first to act in a six-handed game there is approximately an 11.5% probability that someone left to act knows he will have at least trips on the flop.    Folded to you on the button one of the blinds will wake up with a set around 4.6% of the time.  Due to card removal effects the true probabilities in these situations are probably closer to 12% and 5% in reality.

The “spit” card can influence your hand strength in other ways.  For example, when you hold a nut suited hand the same as the “spit”, you get an early indication that a flush or four flush is possibly in the making.  The “spit” could also be a key card that you need for wrap straight possibilities.

When you don’t connect with the “spit” at all you require a very good to premium hand to play, particularly if it is costly to see the flop.  This is even more important when playing high/low split.

For example, when playing high/low split if the 5 is the “spit” a high hand that does not make a set or does not have two hearts has to be an otherwise premium holding such as A♠ A Q♠ J♣ 9♣ to consider playing.  Note that this hand has blockers against low draws and the nut flush as well. High hands do not perform well on at all on flops with two or more low cards.  Thus when you know at least one for sure will be there you must play much tighter.

Further Learning

There are none either online or written that we know of so be on the lookout for more material in future on