Upswing Poker: Advanced Cash Game Strategy Course with Kanu7 (Review)

upswing cash game strategy kan7 - course review

Today we’re gonna review the latest course from Upswing Poker: Advanced Cash Game Strategy by Kanu7. We’ll walk you through the course in detail and share the pros and cons.


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Table of Contents

Who is Alex “Kanu7” Millar?

Who is Alex Millar (Kanu7)Alex Millar is a British poker pro who specializes in high-stakes heads-up NL cash games. He’s stayed under the tournament radar, but has obliterated cash games earning close to $5 million online. 

Formerly a PokerStars sponsored pro, Alex has now joined the Upswing Poker team and is sharing his techniques and strategies for winning in tough cash games.  He’s even developed his poker solver to power the course.

Advanced Cash Game Strategy Course Overview

Advanced Cash Game Strategy contains over 36 hours of Alex’s cash game theory videos.  The course also comes with access to a private Facebook group where you can ask Alex questions and discuss hands.

In addition, the course comes with BONUS access to 286 solver-generated preflop ranges for multiple stack sizes (estimated at a $1,074 value if purchased on its own).  These charts are broken into different stack depths: 50, 100, and 200 big blinds.

Course Walkthrough 

What to expect in the Advanced Cash Game Strategy course

The course is broken up into four different sections:Course Outline-Advanced Cash Game Strategy

  1. Cash Game Fundamentals
  2. Preflop
  3. Postflop
  4. Play & Explains
  5. Preflop Chart Viewer

Course Sections: Cash Game Fundamentals

This section contains 2.5 hours of lessons where Alex explains:

  • GTO vs Exploitative Strategies
  • How Hard Should You Exploit?
  • Theory of Betting
  • Frequencies & Sizings
  • High Mid Low
  • Introduction to the Private Solver

Kanu7 poker solver

Course Sections: Preflop

The Preflop section contains about 3 hours of lessons that covers:

  • Preflop Introduction
  • Opening Ranges
  • BB vs Open
  • SB vs Open
  • IP vs Open
  • Vs Open & Call
  • IP vs 3-Bet
  • OOP vs 3-Bet
  • Vs 3-Bet Cold
  • Vs 4-Bet
  • SB vs BB

Course Sections-Preflop

Course Sections: Postflop

This section contains about 25 hours of content across four sub-sections:

Postflop lessons
  1. Postflop: In Position vs Big Blind
  2. Postflop: Turn
  3. Postflop: Blind vs Blind
  4. Postflop: 3-Bet Pots

Each of these sections contains about 10-15 video lessons, for a total of 50 lessons just about how to play Postflop (the meat of the course). 

Course Sections-Postflop

Course Sections: Play & Explains This section of the course contains 6 hours (8 videos) of cash game play of 500NL Zoom ($2.5/$5 blinds) on PokerStars.

Course Sections-Live Play

Course Sections: Preflop Chart Viewer

This tool shows 286 solver-generated preflop ranges for stack sizes of 50, 100, and 200 big blinds.  Under each stack size you can find charts for every possible preflop scenario. Preflop Chart Viewer

Advanced Cash Game Strategy Review

Pros- Review of Advanced Cash Game StrategyPros: Here’s what we liked about the course

  • While Alex has played nosebleed stakes, the live hand reviews are all at 500NL on PokerStars ($2.5/$5 blinds) which is much more relate-able to the majority of serious grinders.
  • You get access to Alex’s private Facebook group to discuss cash game strategy and hands.
  • You get access to advanced cash game theory and detailed hand range analysis backed by Alex’s private poker solver.
  • You can download all of the slides from videos for offline review at your own pace.
  • The video player allows you to speed up or slow down videos to match your own pace of learning
  • Like listening to British accents?  Well, here 36 hours worth!

Cons- Review of Advanced Cash Game StrategyCons: Here’s what can be improved

  • If you don’t like learning concepts through detailed poker hand range review and solver analysis this course may not be for you.
  • This course is geared towards advanced cash game players and recreational players may have a tough time understanding the concepts. 

Overall, this is an insightful course from an elite online cash game player that is likely to help any player’s win rate.

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