Discounting Outs

Once you’ve become proficient at counting PLO wrap outs, you’ll want to make sure you do not over count your outs and mistakenly believe your hand is stronger than it is. First off, you need to subtract a few outs from the wrap types we’ve already described if you are drawing to some straights containing an Ace.

Discounting Top or Bottom End Straight Outs

If any wrap includes an Ace and would complete a straight if an additional (theoretical) card existed above an Ace high straight or below an Ace low straight, then subtract 4 outs from your wrap.

AK♠Q9♣ on a flop of JT♠x has 16 outs (3*A’s, 3*K’s, 3*Q’s, 3*9’s, 4*8’s)
AJ♠T9♣ on a flop of KQ♠x only has 12 outs (3*A’s, 3*J’s, 3*T’s, 3*9’s) because there is nothing higher than an Ace to complete a straight.

J♠T9 on a flop of KQ♠ has 13 outs (4*A’s, 3*J’s, 3*T’s, 3*9’s)
Q♠JT on a flop of AK♠ only has 9 outs (3*Q’s, 3*J’s, 3*T’s) because there is nothing higher than an Ace to complete a straight.

54♣A♠x on a flop of 32♣x has 13 outs (4*6’s, 3*5’s, 3*4’s, 3*A’s)
54♣3♠x on a flop of 2A♣x has 9 outs (3*5’s, 3*4’s, 3*3’s) because there is nothing lower than an Ace to complete a straight.

Discounting Flush Outs

When counting wrap outs, you want to subtract any outs that will make your opponent a flush. If you believe your opponent has a flush draw, then you don’t want to consider flush cards when calculating your winning percentages.

For example:
Hand: Q♠ J♠ 10 4♣
Flop: 9 8 2
7(*4), 10(*3), J(*3), Q(*3) = 13 outs. However, the 7, 10, J, Q complete the flush so if you put your opponent on a flush draw, you really only have 9 clean outs.

Don’t Count Outs Twice

If you are lucky enough to have a flush draw to go with your wrap, remember not to count the same cards twice. Subtract any outs from your wrap if you are already counting them as part of your 9 flush outs.

For example:
Hand: Q♠ J♣ 10 4♠
Flop: 9♠ 8♠ 2
7(*4), 10(*3), J(*3), Q(*3) = 13 wrap outs. A flush draw is always 9 outs, but 3 of those outs (7♠, 10♠, J♠) are shared with the wrap so instead of 22 outs you really only have 19.