Upswing Poker: PLO Launch Pad (My Honest Review)

PLO Launch Pad course review

“If you can learn the constructs of live PLO games, you have a REALLY good chance of making a lot of money…literally, if you watch this whole course you’re ahead of almost everyone in your local live PLO games.” – Dylan Weisman.

Today we’re gonna take an inside look at the latest course from Upswing Poker: PLO Launch Pad.  In this review, I’ll walk you through the course and share what I like (and what I don’t).

Course Instructor

The course is taught by PLO poker pro Dylan Weisman.

Who is Dylan Weisman?

Dylan Weisman - poker pro Dylan Weisman, known as iheartco0kie online, is a successful high-stakes player and coach.  To demonstrate how profitable low stakes PLO can be, he just wrapped up a challenge where he grew a $5k bankroll into $25k in only 30 sessions. 

PLO Launch Pad Course Overview

Compared to other Upswing courses, PLO Launch Pad is a relatively short, 9-hour primer on the fundamentals of Pot-Limit Omaha for both live and online players. 

It is specifically designed to improve the games of low to mid-stakes PLO players as well as no-limit players transitioning to the wonderful world of PLO.   

Unlike Dylan’s Advanced PLO course, this course is geared towards providing a solid PLO foundation.  However, do not mistake this as a rank beginner poker course.  You should have at least a cursory background in general poker concepts such as ranges, equities, and game theory, even if those are from No-Limit Hold’em.

And if you are already a seasoned PLO pro, you are still very likely to learn a few things.  And at a $99 price point, it’s significantly more affordable than most Upswing courses.  

Course Walkthrough 

What to expect in the PLO Launch Pad course

The course is broken up into 6 different sections:

  1. PLO 101
  2. Preflop
  3. Flop
  4. Turn / River
  5. Miscellaneous Fundamentals
  6. Play & Explains

The first four sections provide a general foundation on how to think about hand ranges and common situations on different streets.   

Miscellaneous Fundamentals and Play & Explains will help you understand what PLO gameplay is like and over-the-shoulder, real-world examples of theory in action.

PLO Launch Pad Review

Pros PLO Launch PadPros: Here’s what I like about the course

  • The course gives a really solid foundation for beating up low stakes live and online games.
  • The price point ($99) is significantly lower than Dylan’s other course and is a real value.  You could easily win that back in the first hour of a session.
  • I personally hate solvers (I know, I know, I’ll never be an elite player).  But you don’t need solvers to be a winner in low stakes PLO.  Thankfully, this course is not solver-based like Dylan’s advanced course.
  • There is a lot of Play & Explains content at different stakes.
  • The video player allows you to speed up or slow down videos to match your own pace of learning

Cons PLO Launch PadCons: Here’s what can be improved

  • You should have a basic background in poker theory before taking this course (even if that theory is from No-Limit Hold’em).  I’d like to see a course where someone can learn the basics of PLO instead of learning No-Limit first.  Cause lets face it, 2 card games suck! 
  • Dylan has some funky orange glasses he wears indoors.  Ok, that’s got nothing to do with the course, but it’s a little too cool for school (sorry Dylan).
  • There’s very little coverage of wraps.  But that’s ok, you’re on the right website for that!
  • The Play & Explains sections are all online PLO which does have a different style than live PLO.  I would have liked to see some live hands transcribed into PokerTracker like Dylan’s advanced course. 

Is PLO Launch Pad Worth it? 

If you want to improve your win rates at low to mid-stakes Pot Limit Omaha or are transitioning from No-Limit Hold’em, then PLO Launch Pad produced by Upswing Poker is a good choice for several reasons.  First, it provides a solid strategic foundation to help you avoid common money leaks in PLO.

Secondly, the poker training course has some foundational guidelines like preflop hand selection and common PLO situations like how to play aces.  Thirdly, there is a 16-part Play & Explain series where you can watch concepts applied in real game scenarios. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PLO Launch Pad for beginner PLO players?

Yes, it is geared towards beginner and intermediate players.  However, even advanced players will benefit from these strategic concepts.

Is PLO Launch Pad geared towards live or online play?

The hand reviews are online.  But much of the theory applies to both online and live games. 

Who is the instructor of PLO Launch Pad?

PLO Launch Pad is taught by poker pro Dylan Weisman.

Does PLO Launch Pad cover PLO tournaments?

While the course is primarily geared towards cash games, there are some Play & Explains sections where MTT games are reviewed.