16 Signs You Play Too Much Live Poker

There are a lot of idiosyncrasies to live poker that online players do not experience. Once you’ve played live, over time you just stop noticing things that may have seemed unusual at first.  Does that make live poker players weird? Anyone that’s visited their local casino can say with certainty that the answer is…YES! Here [...]

16 Contrarian Strategies to Crush PLO at Low & Mid Stakes Games

Most Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) players assume they must follow the “standard” high variance plays of jamming their aces, sets, and wraps to force coin flips as small favorites.  These same players complain about their bad luck when they lose a big flip and go on wild monkey-tilt. There’s no reason you have to play the [...]

9 Short Deck Starting Hand Strategy Considerations To “Heighten” Your Short Deck Game

Regardless of your playing style, success in Short Deck No Limit Hold’em depends largely on the starting hands you choose to play. Because there are 16 fewer cards than Hold’em, it may seem like every hand is playable, but that can quickly get you into trouble as you will often make second best hands.    [...]

Badeucey Part 1 – Introduction

Badeucey is a split pot game where the object is the make the best deuce to seven low along with the best badugi.  In Deuce to Seven Lowball straights count against you so the best possible low is 23457 that is not a flush.  In Badugi you aim to get the lowest hand possible with [...]

Short Deck No Limit Hold’em Rules and Basic Strategy

Short Deck Hold’em is simply No Limit Hold’em played with a thirty-six card deck where the twos, threes, fours, and fives have been eliminated.  This effectively ends the all too often stretches of always looking at complete duds like nine-deuce off suit and the like. Jack-six off suit is the Seven-deuce off suit of Short Deck and has few exciting possibilities; however, the odds are greater that you will get dealt hands with potential.  Equities run much closer in the game and an ante only structure that frequently accompanies the game provides the impetus for a ton of action.