16 Signs You Play Too Much Live Poker

There are a lot of idiosyncrasies to live poker that online players do not experience.

Once you’ve played live, over time you just stop noticing things that may have seemed unusual at first.  Does that make live poker players weird? Anyone that’s visited their local casino can say with certainty that the answer is…YES!

Here are some tell-tale signs you may be playing too much live poker.

  1. When you go out to dinner you ask a restaurant hostess to “lock up” your seat.
  2. You are comfortable leaving large sums of money on a table unattended…in a room that likely has a higher than average percentage of ex-felons.
  3. If you come back to the table and your money is gone, you aren’t worried…you were just “picked up” after taking too long for dinner or at a “must move” game.
  4. You no longer notice the deafening hum of chip ruffling when you walk in a poker room.
  5. You know which seats at a poker table have a working USB port before you sit down.
  6. You notice poker chips in a commercial are fake and couldn’t be used in a casino.
  7. When you hear “nice hand” you know it’s invariably an insult.
  8. The “Floor” knows you and what game you typically play.
  9. The masseuse knows you and your problem areas.
  10. The chip runner and bathroom custodian know you.
  11. The dealer asks you for help determining the size of a “pot” bet in an pot-limit game.
  12. You teach the dealer math shortcuts to calculate “chopping up a split pot”.
  13. You have a dedicated “poker backpack” of supplies you always bring to the poker room.
  14. You consider yourself a crypto-currency expert.
  15. You know which local restaurants deliver to the poker room…and those same restaurants have your caller ID associated with the poker room address.
  16. You believe it’s become socially acceptable to wear sweat pants in public.